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Inside Retail Asia A video screen the size of five tennis courts is being unveiled today across the facade of Sogo Causeway Bay department store. Under construction for months and being tested for the last fortnight, it is the largest screen of its type in Asia. the

去年結業的銅鑼灣6層高 Forever 21,將由女性香水及內衣品牌 Victoria’s Secret 接手,旗艦店預計於下星期二(7月17日)開幕。新店除了賣香水、護膚

ACCA KAPPA, known in the world for its top-quality hair brushes and luxury body-care products, unveiled its second store on 28th July, 2010 at wtc more in Causeway Bay. To mark the grand opening of its store, ACCA KAPPA has specially brought in the Blue

This summer, Causeway Bay’s Lee Gardens area is bringing the excitement of the world’s best basketball game to town! Hysan Place and Lee Theatre will host an exhibition showcasing 1:1 figurines of three basketball legends: Michael Jordan, the Greatest of All

beauty in eye opened nearly 10 years, it is a floating eyebrow, eyeliner and professional Korean invisible fairy floating eyelash beauty center, was established by a professional makeup artist.When the founder of the cosmetics industry engaged, we served different

This exhibition is entitled “The Vivid World of Chinese Characters”. The 「Vivid」 describes the vitality and viability of Chinese characters through the display of Chinese culture to the people of Hong Kong. We hope to share the beauty of this exploration with more

Take a look at our special products to solve your skin concerns. 濟州島火山岩泥毛孔清潔鼻貼(6片)/1 patch HK $ 5.00

The Best Free-Flow Brunches in Hong Kong Delicious brunches offering free-flowing alcohol are a favourite weekend indulgence. Here’s our pick of the best free-flow brunches in Hong Kong to suit all budgets (including fantastic family-friendly options).

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