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Our achievements Far above the Hong Kong standard Best 5 subjects at 22 grade points or above 22% Overall percentage of Level 4+ in all subjects 48% Average percentage of Level 4+ in the four core subjects 48% Percentage of Level 4+ in English

The circular aims to help schools better prepare for the HKDSE Examination result release day and review their implementation of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum and assessment. Information on study pathways for the last cohort of Secondary 7

I got more level 5 than level 4 in the components of HKDSE Chinese Language. However, the overall result of the subject is still level 4. Why? For subjects with profile reporting, it is possible that individual component levels are higher than the subject level and

Catering for the result announcement of HKDSE (14 July), VTC will provide the Central Admission Scheme on the day at its campuses for on-spot application by HKDSE candidates. Prospective applicants can visit the Technological and Higher Education the

In case the student’s HKDSE English Language result does not meet the minimum entrance requirement, is it possible for the student to use any other international public examination result, for example IELTS or TOEFL, to replace the English Language result?

To search the main local secondary schools with their HKDSE results and medium of instruction. Evaluate the school banding and ranking from the HKDSE performance and use “Sino-Anglo Index” to indicate the weighting of Chinese and English as medium of

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THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Admissions Scores of HKDSE Applicants Admitted in 2016 The following table shows the upper quartile, median, lower quartile, and lowest scores of HKDSE applicants admitted to each programme based on the

EdUHK offers a series of full-time undergraduate programmes in teacher education, creative arts and culture, language studies and social sciences disciplines. Find out more about the undergraduate programmes available.

Points to note: 1. 2019 JUPAS admission figures are applicable to local students only. Non-local students holding HKDSE qualifications should apply through 2. All weighted scores are calculated based on program-specific formulae, of which

HKDSE Results Release HKUST Electric Car PTA Community Service Prize Presentation Talk on Hobbies Nurturing and Personal Development Geography VR Lesson Observation Fuzhou VR Tour Model Hovercraft CE 85 Scholarship S6 Graduation Click here

對前路感迷茫?坊間不少機構於文憑試放榜前後提供諮詢及輔導服務,助各考生釋放壓力、排解疑難。提供諮詢及輔導服務機構 機構 熱線 服務日期及時間 網址 學友社 放榜輔導熱線2019 2503 3399 (38 條線) 7 月 6 日至 14 日、8 月 4 日至 6 日上午 10 時至晚上

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Comparsion of the results of KTMC with HK schools in 2017 HKDSE Exam L3+L2 L5+L4 L5**+L5* Author Joseph Yee Created Date 9/4/2017 12:28:22 PM

HKDSE Information and Communication Technology – Multiple-Choice Questions – for 2016 HKDSE Exam & After The book contains abundant multiple-choice questions, which are categorized by main concepts of each chapter in Longman NSS ICT Compulsory textbooks.

HKDSE online Service JUPAS Equipment Repair Form Home > Achievements > 2014 HKDSE Result Top Ten Students 2014 HKDSE Result Top Ten Students Date: 01/09/2015 Back Address: 15, Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon. Tel

至於 HKDSE 裏的 「其它學習經歷」,側不設考試,着重學生的參與和體驗,只會記錄在其個人的「學生學習概覽」中,以反映其能力發展和特質,供大學甄選入學時考慮。新 HKDSE 和舊 HKCEE 的評分制度有如此大的不同,家長可要注意了。

30/5/2018 · 小卒資訊論壇 HKDSE 2012 Results 人均5* 人均5 級 4 級或以上 3322 JUPAS 入U率 2010 Band 拔萃女書院 2.89 86.7% 88.2% 1A 聖保羅男女中學 2.51 4.22 – Discuz! Board

Entrance Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree Programmes – Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Students (2020 Entry) For admission to Bachelor’s degree programmes at the University, applicants must meet the General Entrance Requirements AND

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沙田崇真中學 複核香港中學文憑考試(HKDSE)成績及大學聯合招生辦法(JUPAS) 遴選結果的程序 日期 複核程序 HKDSE 備註 (統籌:陳圓覺老師) JUPAS (統籌:黃啟思老師) 11/07/2018 HKDSE放榜 — 學生於08:30回校領取HKDSE成績表

15/7 is the D-day for 2015 DSE candidates. Most, if not all, candidates were extremely nervous, and I was no exception. When I got back my result notice, it was deep sigh of relief, I made it! Over the years, some of my friends wondered how I can excel

A late payment fee of $258 is applicable for payments made on or before 19/7/2019 (and have to pay all the fees in person at the HKEAA Southorn Centre office. Failure to settle the fees after 19/7/2019 will result in the application not being processed.

本網頁會適時作出更新,為應屆中六學生提供一站式多元出路最新資訊。(修訂日期: 24/03/2020)

2014 HKDSE Examination Results 2014-07-16 第三屆新高中文憑試已於七月十四日放榜,本校整體及格率(2級或以上)為95.5%,大部份科目皆高於全港

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Pre-HKDSE Result Release 2. Get a copy of your own 20 choices. Draft Programmes – 7/7 1000 3. Get a copy of your EAPP/Overseas/Mainland choices &13 July and onwards 6. Come back to visit & share with us. 2. Make rational choices. 3. Seek advice if

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Import Result File from HKEAA HKDSE RESULTS Data Files are decrypted in CDS Data Comm Report Functions Pre-requisites Reports Data File via CDS SEP/ OCT Registration (Period 2) Data Extraction Extract data for(Jun in Sep or Oct

hkdse past paper,dse歷屆試題集中帖。dse past paper 中文/english 下載,包含2012-2018年dse試卷及答案。香港中學文憑考試提供,本月免費download!

CLSMSS’s Official Web Site University / Institute Degree Sub degree Total The University of Hong Kong (HKU) 9.09% 7.58% 16.67% The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

(I) PTA Scholarships Excellent Academic Performance (Internal Examination and HKDSE) (II) Alumni Association Scholarship S1-4 Most Improved Students and Second Most Improved Students Service Award for four House Captains Service Award for Prefect

HKDSE 2019 Jul 10 2019 First runner-up in t Mar 11 2019 4B Chan Pak Lam and 4B Chua Tsz Leong were Champion in the Grea Dec 12 2018 6D Lam Yin Chun, member of the Hong Kong Volley Link First Generatio Nov 26 2018 6A Wong Chi Kit

Welcome to the website of Marymount Secondary School. Blood Donation Date: 28 Oct 2019 The Annual Blood Donation Drive was held by the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service. Our students and teachers donated their blood to the Hong

8/4/2020 · 香港公開考試 香港討論區(香討)為全港5大最高瀏覽率的網站之一,主要討論涵蓋新聞時事、娛樂、飲食、潮流、各行各業、地產、財經、股票、汽車、戀愛婚姻、電腦手機、運動體育、興趣、好去處、著數優惠等話題,隨時隨地分享您的生活話題討論及緊貼網民熱話!

This year’s results are as follows: 99.31% of our students have fulfilled the entrance requirements for enrolling in the universities in Hong Kong (Core subjects at 3322 or above, with one elective at Level 2 or above), while the overall average for Hong Kong is 35.1%.

25/7/2013 · a. Without your IELTS/TOEFL score, I have to assume that you get similar result from your HKDSE (IELTS/TOEFL score is an admission consideration); b. For those in the U.S., the major reason is how 「5」 is interpreted. 「5」 in HKDSE is not considered as a

2013 HKDSE Result 2012 HKDSE Result 100 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel No.: (852) 2717 1485, (852) 2297 5300 | Fax No.: (852) 2727 2788 | E-mail: [email protected]

² 香港中學文憑 (HKDSE),多位學生取得 5 級以上佳績; 更有學生考獲 6 科 5** 級 1 科 5* 級 優異成績. ² 英國高考 (GCE AS/AL), 多位學生取得 AL A*/ AS A 最高級別. ² 國際文憑 (IB Diploma), 多位學生取得 6 / 7 級別; 更有學生取得總分 44 分 (滿分: 45).

Where there is any upgrade in the subject(s)/component(s) concerned, the JUPAS Office/tertiary institutions concerned and the EDB will be notified of the revised result, as appropriate, at the same time. The decision of the Appeal Review Committee shall be final.

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Special Features HKDSE Examination Preparation Guide provides information about the assessment format and useful guidelines for answering questions in the HKDSE public examination. HKDSE Examination Format is fully adopted in all the Mock Exam Papers

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1 2017 JUPAS (HKDSE) Admissions Figures For applicants who have fulfilled the minimum entrance requirements, admission scores are calculated based on their HKDSE results and subject weightings for selection purposes. The information provided here is the

HKDSE Results HKDSE 2019 HKDSE 2018 HKDSE 2017 HKDSE 2016 HKDSE 2015 HKDSE 2014 Curriculum Student Sharing Application for Admission (S.1) FAQ Information on Bad Weather Announcement Events Mass Media SCHOOL Sponsoring Body

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Admissions Scores of HKDSE Applicants Admitted in 2018 Code Programme Selection Principle Upper Quartile Median Lower Quartile Lowest Faculty of Architecture 6004 BA(AS) Best 5 30 28 26 25 6016 BSC(SURV) Best 5 30 28 28 27 6028 BA(LS) Best 5

12/5/2016 · 你好! 可否指教如何匯出下列有關各學生分科HKDSE與校內成績比較的報告 (excel): 班別 / 班號 / 學生姓名 / 科目/中六結業試成績(年終) / 2014年DSE 等級。 謝謝幫忙!

one HKDSE subject result falling one level below the required level but attain a total score of 28 points* or above in the best five subjects (i.e. deemed equivalent to attaining at least Level 5 in 5 HKDSE subjects); (b) have selected PolyU’s degree i.e. first

DSE00 學習資源,各科温習,考試技巧,補習影片,從學術角度分式熱門話題,為求能360度全面温習策略,中學生必備網頁。 請問尼個係點睇嘅,括弧入面嘅數字同括弧出邊嘅數字分別代表咩,小弟不才,睇得唔係好明,求解